It is important to talk less about me, my company and products and more about things that truly matter. It is my intention to not only introduce you to the charities I feel are worthy to support but get you personally involved! Each month I will choose a client at random. This client will be given the opportunity to read through and become educated on the four charities below. I will donate 100% of the project cost to that clients charity of choice thus rendering my services free on my end. I would also challenge that the client take a deeper look at the charities and consider supporting them on a continued basis. Their is a world of injsutice happening all around us. Our response should be one of compassion that leads to action.


 Falling whistles gives a small window into our World’s largest war! Originally written about boys sent to the frontlines of war armed only with a whistle they chose to make their weapons your voice and be a whistleblower for peace in the Congo. Partnering with local leaders to advocate and rehabilitate those effected by war Falling Whistles asks you to step up and join their cause. For more information on the story and how to get involved visit falling whistles

 Over one billion people on the planet do not have access to clean water. This is one in nine people who have no access to the most basic of human needs! Charity Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries all over the world. Even more impressive is that 100% of all public donations directly fund water projects! To learn more or to get involved visit Charity Water now!

 Operation Smile is simply amazing. They mobilize a world of generous hearts to heal children’s smiles and truly transform lives across the globe. They are dedicated to healing those with cleft lips and cleft palates who would otherwise live entire lives without treatment and often outcasted! Their work, staff, leadership and supporters are simply incredible. To learn more, become a partner or donate please visit Operation Smile now!

 Invisible Children is dedicated to bringing attention to and stopping Africa’s longest running armed conflict. More than 25,000 children have been abducted by the LRA since 1996. These children are at times forced to kill their parents and join the LRA under Joseph Kony. Once in the “army” the choices are made simple, fight or die! To learn more, particptae or to get involved please feel free to visit Invisible Children now!



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